Peeling Fingernails

How to Handle Peeling Fingernails

Peeling fingernails, brittle nails and even splitting nails are problems that are experienced by many of us. There are two likely reasons why this happens: a medical issue such as a fungal infection or a corrosive chemical interaction.

Medically speaking, nails are vulnerable to fungal and bacterial infection as they come in contact with many things in the world. While toe nails are known to be susceptible, people do not realize that this can happen to finger nails also. In the case of a fungal infection, the brittleness and peeling fingernails are accompanied by some discoloration. If you notice a combination of these symptoms, it is best to take the matter to a doctor directly as you will need prescription medicine to deal with the problem. Psoriasis of the nail is another medical cause known to cause peeling fingernails. The flakiness seen in other parts of the body affected by psoriasis is seen in the nails also. This can eventually lead to the nail falling out, if left untreated. A dermatologist can recommend the best way to handle psoriasis of the nails. While these two are categorized as a medical condition, it is important to note that it is an eminently treatable medical problem.

While a fungal infection and psoriasis need responsive medical intervention, there are other probable causes for peeling nails that can be treated at home. Finger nails are often painted and treated with chemicals to make them look polished and perfect. While the look works well for most people, in some cases the very chemicals used for enhancing the look of the nails can cause severe damage. The paints and polish removers contain harsh chemicals at times and these can strip the nails of their natural moisture and oils. Sometimes, age also reduces the natural oils of the hands and nails. This leaves the nails without adequate protection and leads to problems such as brittle nails and nail splitting. The oils provide for the smoothness and flexibility of the nail plates and so it is critical to replace them. Jojoba oil and Vitamin E are known to be particularly good for healthy nails and there are many products in the market which contain these botanical oils. By setting up a regimen of applying these oils to the nails and the cuticle a couple of times a day, you can successfully replenish the skin and nails natural suppleness. Apply the oils to the nails and work it into the cuticle by gently massaging the area. It is not necessary to be vigorous and forceful in doing this.

If you find yourself repeatedly dealing with peeling fingernails examine the products you are using and consider a different brand to isolate the chemical that is causing this negative reaction. Another important thing to remember is that frequent hand-washing and use of harsh soaps can also lead to fingernail problems. Be gentle on your hands and consider using gloves during household cleaning and chores. This will reduce the exposure of the nail to other kinds of chemical agents that can cause a reaction also.

Finger nails peeling is largely a cosmetic issue and yet it is important to not take it lightly because if it becomes aggravated it can affect the day-to-day functions of a human being. So, be attentive to your finger nails in terms of their beauty and functionality. Respond immediately if you see signs of the nails becoming overly dry or you find that they tend to break or crack easily. Well taken care of hand have a strong appeal all their own and it will help you put your best hand forward in all situations!